No Excuses 

“Excuses sound the best to the one that is making them up.” 
One of the greatest lies you could ever tell yourself is the one laden with excuses.  The lame excuse, which seems mighty only in the mind of the one giving it, unnecessarily binds the precious lives of a countless many.  They sit in a prison of their own design, unwilling to acknowledge that they hold the keys to their freedom. 

There is a path where passions lay, where victory is known and dreams are realized. It must be chosen.  One cannot hold onto excuses and expect miracles.  The one will cancel out the other.  

Choose.  Choose now.  That power is always yours.  If you would only open your real eyes and see all the beauty Divinely laid out before you, you would lay down your excuses, challenge your doubts and rise in your faith.  

Your excuses deceive you.  Let them go.  

Choose what your heart has always known, but which you’ve been too afraid to believe.  

Choose to believe.  

I joyfully challenge you to believe.