Bio: "Every human is an artist, and our greatest art is life." ~Don Miguel Ruiz Ever since I was a child I have had a vivid imagination and insatiable passion for life. Some of my passions include: *Photography - life is overflowing with visual poetry! *Music - I am perfectly content for hours sitting at a Yamaha grand piano! *Writing - it's like painting with words! *Traveling - there are literally worlds within worlds! I also take great pleasure in spending precious time with my wife, Melissa and my dog, Sadie. I am a proud introvert who loves sports, fashion, sci-fi, coffee & coffeeshops, spirituality, daydreaming, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and so much more! 🙂 I believe life is full of art waiting to be made, possibilities waiting to be found and dreams meant to be realized. Your heart contains the unique blend of desires it does for a reason and a purpose. To help you realize this fuels my life. I long to see you living your greatest desire, creating your greatest masterpiece... your life! You are a magnificent human being, a superhero and your art and personal talents are your superpowers. I'm here to awaken you to this reality of your life. To empower you. To encourage you. I'm so grateful you've stopped by my site! Let's get started on discovering your superpowers! Amazing life awaits you! Life has always just begun! Louis M. Collins

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  1. Louis, your music is blood pressure medicine! It a beautiful way to slow down, breathe, appreciate life, and get centered. I listen to your cd’s at work and at home. Thank you for your gifts!

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